Words are powerful

Let me start this post by wishing you all a very Happy Makar sankranti. We as a Maharashtrian have this tradition to exchange ‘Tilgul” which is a sweet made out of a mixture of sesame and jaggery and greet all the family members, friends and neighbors next door saying ‘tilgul ghya god god bola’ of…

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Counting Happiness

Without mathematics there is nothing you can do.Everything around you is mathematics.Everything around you is numbers.-Shakuntala devi Have you ever wondered,how much of our existence actually depend on numbers?Numbers can make or break your day and your life.As a kid ,I was never ever fond of mathematics and as an adult I still haven’t got…

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Be wise with content consumption

We say “consuming content” as a way to sum up the act of reading, listening, viewing, and other ways of taking in various forms of media and entertainment .In a digital era like today,where we are surrounded by television,radio,cell phones etc all the time,it is obvious that so many content creator come forward and publish…

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Types Of Body Massages

Massage is a sacred and ancient medicine that is so subtle and yet so powerful, and a significant part of healing, including moving lymph, clearing toxins, uplifting the thoughts and mood.Studies say that massage is an effective treatment for reducing stress,pain and muscle tension.The Massage therapy technique involves rubbing,pressing and manipulating the skin,ligaments and muscles.…

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