5 Best Italian restaurants in Pune

Little Italy

Little Italy has a great ambience and the whole vibe of the place is quite warm and cozy.Their outdoor sitting is Perfect for candle lights or impromptu family get together.It is bit on expensive side,so make sure you unlock your zomato Gold membership while you are there.


Darios is by far one of favourite Italian eat-outs in Pune.This place is close to Osho retreat centre and has this Peaceful vibe all around.They are on Zomato gold and are easy on pocket.they also offer mexican and other cuisines to satisfy your tastebuds.


Squisito is a rooftop restaurant serving Italian food.It gives you lovely bird’s eye view of the whole city.Best time to visit this place is after 7 pm when you can see whole city lights twinkling while you enjoy your food.Their Cream of mushroom soup and pink sauce pasta are my favourite.They are not on zomato gold but are moderate on pocket.

La sicilia

This is a newly opened fusion kitchen in Kothrud and the desserts they serve are by far the best ones in the town.It’s a small place but the staff is very polite and attentive to your needs.Food here is Awesome and quite different from all other eateries out there.It’s very easy on pocket and value for money.

Hakuna matata

This place is located on JM road and is quite accessible.Crowd over here is quite young and vibrant.This place is suitable to hangout with friends and officemates.They provide whole lot of variety in food,but their Italian food is worth every bit of it.This place is available on Zomato gold and is most affordable out of all.

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