How Sudarshan Kriya Changed My Life

Hello & Jai Gurudev( It means victory to the big mind),Hope you all are doing good and had a great day so far.So today I will be discussing about my how I struggled with sudarshan kriya and ultimately ended up falling in love with it.

So now most of you must be wondering what is this Sudarshan kriya?and dozens of you must be already practicing it for years,so no matter in which category you fit in I am sure You are going to get something out of this post.

Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful yet simple rhythmic breathing technique. It incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath, harmonizing the body, mind and emotions. To know more about it You can visit official website

So I happened to do Art of living basic course when I was in my 12th grade and now I am 27,So long time.I still remember very vividly how people had burst of emotions after or during their first Sudarshan kriya,and I was sitting their blank and numb.As year passed I got busy with my life and completely forgot about the daily short kriya which they taught us to practise at our home but after I did my first Advance course also known as silence program,I kind of made it a point to take this whole thing seriously.

I started with short Kriya and sahaj and suddenly started feeling more at ease and comfortable with myself and people around me.There were days when I used to so exhausted with all the travelling and hectic schedule that I thought of skipping it for a day,but somehow pushed myself to do it anyway and felt supercharged after that.Sudarshan kriya works in such a subtle way,Like you won’t see any dramatic things and changes everyday but yes something in you definitely shifts after every single session of it and when you look back at your journey after few consistent days of sadhna you realise you are not the same person anymore and something great is happening in your life.I can go for days talking about how this whole kriya thing helped me but I would just sum it up to some changes which I started noticing when I was disciplined enough.

  • The very first thing which changed was that I felt immensely blessed and grateful,I observed that I cribbed less over things that I previously used to make a fuss about.
  • No matter what the situation was I always knew I am watched over and it would be devilish to sit and cry during those tough blows life gives you,Believe me I had many,but had a safe sailing somehow.
  • I am calmer,happier and a better person I believe.
  • Many things just happened with “GRACE” and were not less of miracle while they happened.
  • I felt spiritually uplifted and “taken care of ” which is wonderful feeling in itself.
  • I developed this undying faith in love,divinity and goodness in world.
  • Synchronicity

Struggles I faced:

It was very difficult for me to be consistent with my sadhna.I eventually did it with help of habitbull app from playstore.I once skipped a day after my 264th day,and it took me a long time to get back on track.So if you are also someone like me who finds it hard to not be moody ,apps like habitbull will really keep you on toes.

Few things to remember:

If you are into any spiritual practices make sure you keep same time and place preferably in morning for your sadhna to reap maximum benefit out of it.I have seen people doing their practices in local trains which is a wrong way to open your energy field out there,it might end up doing more harm than good.

If you want to learn sudarshan kriya,do attend art of living happiness program and not fall for youtube videos and other media.

Signing off with lots of love and positive vibes to you all.

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