Declutter your Space to Declutter your mind

Hello to all you wonderful people out there,Imagine if you wake up one day and find that all the things that really did not add value to your life are somehow gone missing and you are only left with things that brings you joy or are useful.Feels great right?I know.Unfortunately no automatic process has been invented yet to do all this for you and you actually have to invest your time,heart and soul to declutter your life manually.Maybe this is one of the reason things just keep piling over the period of time untill you realise one day,that your life is a mess.

I am no expert like Marie kondo on this topic but I have personally seen lots of difference in quality of my life by decluttering it from time to time,and yes if you do not know who Marie kondo is,let me tell you you are missing on some real good motivation and should really google her once you finish reading this post.

Dictionary meaning of decluttering is organizing and prioritizing your commitments or material possessions.Earlier I used to think that if I have to declutter my life, I have to get rid of all things that I love and that would scare the shit out of me.later after finding some motivation and little bit of research I realised,In Fact this is complete opposite of what I thought.So basically you have to make a conscious effort to get rid of all the material possession that brings you no joy or are not serving the purpose,so that you will have more space,time and energy to actually focus on what you really love.It’s as simple as that.

In India specially this is so important as we have so many festivals round the year and we own so many extra things which are just lying around for rest of the year, with the hope that we are going to use it someday. well fun fact,that day never arrives and we end up making our home, a storage space instead of living space.Apart from all this we have this whole section of things for guests like our chacha,mama,bhanja etc who visits us on this festivals.I mean it is good to have a provision for guests to assure their comfortable stay but while you do that,keep in mind to not overdo it,for example I had 3 sets of coffee mugs for guests, which I never used otherwise,out of which one was so old that it would have been in a “vintage” category if I kept it for some more period and the worst part was I never even used it to serve guests anymore.

It is actually a good shift from <opening my wardrobe and finding nothing good enough to wear> to <opening it to find only clothes that I love.>I made it a point to declutter my entire house, right from wardrobes to kitchen and every single corner and believe me it took me hell lot of time and efforts, but it was so worth it.

It changes the whole energy game of the place.You feel lighter and much more sorted in your thoughts.Quality of your sleep & relationship improves and finally you really feel “at home” in your living space.

So give it a try and declutter your space to declutter your mind.Lots of love and positive vibes to you all.

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  1. Vallabh Ratnakar

    Good thoughts this is really no so secret…
    Every now and then we keep on accumulating material things it’s like things are hiding in plan sight.
    I realized it when we were moving our place a year back when had to pack all our things in 90kg (45 kg for each one of us) sounds easy but when you actually sit to do it and realise this is it only this much rest all just become memories. Later then when you what you have in 45 kg is actually nothing very important. You and your partner and rest of the relationship which are close that’s it if you have them you can go back on your basic nature accumulating.
    After a year when we again change the place and when I was not able to fit all the things in that 45 kg understood the quate I saw few years back.
    Our bodies are nothing but an accumulation of food and our mind accumulation of thought.
    So As you correctly mentioned start decluttering and create space for Life
    Stay Happy Healthy wealthy and relax!!!!!

    1. Rupali Datir

      Thoughtful, very well written with simple language. I am already doing it and I feel so fresh. It is very important that you are spreading positivity in environment so you also feel very energetic and others too. Positivity in thoughts and actions are very essential in our day to day life then life is very simple. Small changes make big differences. It starts with ourself.

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