Be wise with content consumption

We say “consuming content” as a way to sum up the act of reading, listening, viewing, and other ways of taking in various forms of media and entertainment .In a digital era like today,where we are surrounded by television,radio,cell phones etc all the time,it is obvious that so many content creator come forward and publish their work on this platforms.Everyday some new app or trend comes in the market,but don’t you think, as the quantity of this content have increased there is significant drop down in quality of the work published?

It is sad that we live in a society where, Dhinchak Pooja gets more views or publicity than some genuine real good singer’s out there.See I am not judging anyone here,but whatever you give your attention to “grows” and do you really want entertainment industry to dumb down our future generation?

Nowadays you switch on the television and you are slapped with daily soaps, like saas bahu drama ,all vamps and villains, which stereotypes Indian families and culture.Regional movies are doing a real great job at creating quality content ,but at the same time regional daily soaps are losing its charm.I remember as a child we used to watch ‘Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre’ together,it was such a light hearted,nice family time ,whereas now there are all controversial daily soaps ,which I really do not prefer watching even alone.

well ,obviously it is a choice,whether to consume that content or not.Please appreciate and watch all this hardworking artists trying to create masterpieces instead of one’s trying to get attention with some sad tactics & controversies.Little compliments & motivation go long way.It really takes lot of courage to put yourself out there for people to judge,So if someone is really working hard and creating good content,Please help them grow.

The kind of content you consume has a huge impact on your mindset and overall mood. So why even bother,watching non-sense and illogical content,to which you do not even relate and if that is just going drain your energy and internet.So let us make a wise choice of content consumption and not be part of trend,which do not promote quality entertainment.

Lots of love and positive vibes to you all.<3

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