Counting Happiness

Without mathematics there is nothing you can do.Everything around you is mathematics.Everything around you is numbers.-Shakuntala devi

Have you ever wondered,how much of our existence actually depend on numbers?Numbers can make or break your day and your life.As a kid ,I was never ever fond of mathematics and as an adult I still haven’t got a hang of it ,but thankfully in today’s digital world we all can manage our shortcomings somehow.

We live each and every day getting validated by these numbers.If you have ‘x’ amount of money you are considered rich in people’s eye.If your blood or urine reports do not cross prescribed value,you are considered healthy.Numbers are everywhere right from calories you should consume to age,astrology,weight,bank balance,savings,debts and somehow we fall prey to this vicious number cycle.

We tend to get so obsessed in increasing the numbers which gives us security,decreasing the numbers that ain’t good and maintaining the ones that are ok ,that we forget that the best things in life can’t be measured.If you tie your happiness to any of this numbers,their fluctuation is definitely going to fluctuate your life.

Yes it is not wrong to work hard,to set goals, to hustle but it is wrong to not take break,to take yourself too seriously and getting affected by little setback.You can count your life to every second of your existence,you can measure your success with your marksheets and profit & loss account,you can count all the people in your life, but if there is one thing that you can’t measure it is how well did you live your life?

So let us make peace with this numbers and watch them as they fluctuate and just let them be.Do things with passion and love and not for likes and followers.Do not under any circumstances seek validation of your existence from numbers, may it be bank balance,weight,health reports,astrological reports and the list goes on.Be kind and humble,take a break,sing dance,take a walk,be amidst nature,Do good and be good.Focus more on things which are immeasurable and measurable things will fall into place.Lots of love and happiness to you all.Signing off to counting stars and counting happiness.

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