10 life lessons ‘FRIENDS’ taught us

“Friends” is a sitcom about love, life and friendship aired in 1994 about group of friend in their late 20’s sailing through life as it comes. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross are the most loved and adored characters in the history of television. This show wiggled its way into our heart and ended its successful run after 10 years. From “How you doing?” to inspiring us to ‘finding our lobster’ this show has taught many valuable life lessons along the way.

Do things with passion & drive, even the mundane tasks like cleaning and cooking, can bring you lots of joy just like Monica Geller- Bing.

Take calculated risks in your career to land up into your dream job like Chandler Bing.

Stop being dependent on your parents or partner for your finances, being independent is cool. It’s like Monica says while cutting Rachel’s credit cards, “welcome to real world, it sucks, but you are going to love it.”

It is ok to be quirky and the odd man out in a group of people. Accept and love yourself for the wonderful being you are.

Respect and love your food, relish every bite of it like Joey does.

Self-defense is important,remember “UNAGI”

Dance and run like nobody’s watching.

Be determined to achieve your goals.

Sooner or later you are going to find your ‘Lobster’

Moments of today will be memories of tomorrow. Make sure to make lots of them.

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