My Top 5 Favorite Play Store apps😎


Track over 55,000 foods & 1,500 exercises. Receive real-time insights & automated analytics on your health. Access expert advice from top coaches.Create the perfect diet and workout plans suited to your tastes and activity levels. It’s never too difficult to follow. Connect with a group of like-minded health enthusiasts world-wide. Discuss, share and motivate each other on your journey to weight loss.Connect 24×7 with your team of certified diet, fitness and yoga coaches. Let them guide and motivate you towards your fitness goal.

Insight Timer

Home to more than 6,100,000 meditators, Insight Timer is rated 
as the top free meditation app on the Android and iOS stores.Beautiful ambient sounds which loop continuously in the background for an even deeper meditation session.The Timer works silently in the background tracking your sessions and statistics.Effortlessly create interval bells for during meditation. Great for yoga asanas and pranayama sets.

52 weeks money challenge

This app was created based on the popular 52-week Challenge for saving money. The challenge’s idea is very simple and perfect for those who have difficulties in planning and, mainly, in saving money.If you are like that, this is a great way to start saving money and gather a good amount after 1 year.


Easily break bad habits like smoking, drinking or nail biting, or build positive habits like fitness, meditation or reading.Check and explore your data using in-depth analytics tools.Quickly input data from your homescreen using our Android widgets.


Your private, secure & beautiful online journal.Loved by over 2 million writers around the world. Write journal entry anytime and anywhere — even when offline.Embark on the journey of self improvement towards better qualities of love, life and health.Record your daily events, relive memories & reflect on them. Start journaling today and see how your life experiences will grow!

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