Think Once, Think Twice, Think Goa

Few months’ back I had an opportunity to relocate in Goa as my husband was offered a job opportunity there, though things didn’t materialized; the thought of relocating to my favorite place in the world had me jumping in joy. Goa is like my home away from home, that place surely has something which has kept me wanting for more after my every visit.

Every year we make it a point to take a road trip from pune to goa. Road trips are fun as they give you an opportunity to have heart to heart conversations while heading towards your destination. Good music, Cutting Chai, Scenic route and awesome company sum it all up.

Route: Pune – Satara – Kolhapur – Amboli – Baga via NH48

“I love road trips. You get into this Zen rhythm; throw the sense of time out the window.” – Miriam Toews

So here are my top 6 reasons for why my heart longs for Goa


Goa is blessed with beautiful beaches, my favourites are Baga, Anjuna, Candolim, Calangute, Chapora, Colva, Vagator, Morjim & Miramar. Every single beach has its own unique existence & glory, you will never feel bored exploring beaches in Goa.

Water sports

If you are adventurous enough you can try snorkeling, Paddle boarding, Banana boat ride, fly boarding, Parasailing, Jet skiing, Kayaking etc in Goa. Since I am the last person to be called as “adventurous”, I did not try all the water sports, but yes did few of them and had my share of fun while I did it.

Budget Friendly

I believe Goa is like a party destination of India and has a variety of options to fit every budget. May it be a group of college students, newly married couple on their honeymoon or a celebrity hosting its pre-wedding bash, this place can accommodate all of it and more. No matter what your budget is, you will always find something to look forward to

Laidback Vibe

Goa has a complete laid-back vibe, there is no rush or stress. It is easy going, carefree & bohemian, maybe that’s the reason I relate so much to this place. Goan People are some of the most friendly and fun loving people I have ever come across.

Cheap booze & Goan food

Liquor is one of the cheapest drinks available in Goa along with Beer and cold drinks. There is also an absence of excise duties in Goa, though Goa is not exempted completely from taxes. The state government has chosen to keep all such taxes low. This helps to make liquor cheaper and thus prices for sales and serving of liquor/beer and other such drinks is quite low as compared to the other states. Goan food especially their fish curries are my favourites. There are also so many beach shacks and different eat-out places that serve amazing, lip-smacking food.


Goa offers amazing flea markets and night bazaars that feature many products, many colours and bargaining are on a full range of products and price. Beside flea markets and night bazaars, Shopping in Goa is a combination of treating oneself or another into luxurious shopping at the rich mall, buying specialized fashion clothing and accessories from a designer boutique, exploring shops that sell peculiar beachwear and tees, several government emporia that trade antiques and handicrafts at bargain rates. 

No matter how many times you visit Goa, you are going to return with lots of memories and longing for this place. So next time if someone is planning a road trip to Goa, just hop into the car and get going as this place has so much to offer right from Exotic nature, Beautiful churches and temples, Happening nightlife &parties, Casinos, Amazing food and if you are lucky enough you will get to dance on Yaya mayaya.

Lots of love and positivity to you.

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