That Yellow T-shirt

Last few days the highlight of my life was the missing yellow t-shirt which said: “I am happy go lucky ray of fucking sunshine”.

Not that I have some emotional attachment with that t-shirt, but the fact of its existence is comforting to me.

I am a possessive kind of a person when it comes to things and personal space, not that I pile up the clutter but it really bothers me if my things go missing before I am ready to let it go mentally.

So during my routine laundry business I realized, I misplaced my yellow t-shirt and had a mini panic attack.

I searched through my wardrobes and all possible places where it could be (like my ever flowing laundry bag) but no luck.

For next few days thoughts of this yellow t-shirt haunted me while I was watching TV, working, cooking or doing nothing.

I remembered the time I wore it, thought of all the possible times I could have worn it, if it was not misplaced.

After I had enough of sulking and blaming, I decided to let it go and move on, in loving memories of that yellow t-shirt and ta-da I found it beneath the pile of my freshly ironed clothes. Serendipity, isn’t it?

Well, this whole process took around three days and no matter what I was doing in this three days, back of my mind I was always thinking about—-“where the hell on the earth is my yellow t-shirt?”

I was very happy and it got me thinking how we end up taking things for granted, only to realize its true value when it goes missing.

Another perspective to this whole episode was that, it was a mere t-shirt; I could have got many others if I wished so. It had no emotional value and it was no big of a deal to make so much of fuss about it, yet it was hard to let go. Why?

The answer to this is because it was familiar to me.

There is always a sort of a comfort which comes from familiar things, people and places.

There is no explanation as why you would have those worn out clothes in your closet along with sparkly new ones.

 This apply to every facet of life, be it people, brands, places, music and everything else.

We are somehow always inclined towards familiar things and it ends up holding us back.

 Having a preference about things and living in your comfort zone making familiar choices are two different stories.

If you see something that you feel is familiar, it gives an important kind of emotional connection-Mark newson.

It is important for all of us to make decisions consciously and not out of familiarity, which will trigger new experiences and expand our horizons.

In trying to hold on to familiar we limit our ability to experience joy in the present.

So that yellow t shirt finally ended up give me a much needed reality check to break free and be a ray of a fucking sunshine.

With love——–Paakhi

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